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Wood Splitter Valve
Made in Europe, this is a specialised 3 position valve with a spring return to neutral. Designed for use on log splitter machinery, we have spent ages looking for the best log splitter valve available, and we believe this is it.
This valve features a detented spool function, with a pressure kick-out. This will return the spool to neutral at the end of the return stroke or when the set pressure is reached.
How it Works:
  • The lever is a "Dead Mans Lever". i.e. You hold the lever to send the Ram out. If you let go of the lever, the Ram stops. This is for your safety.
  • When the log is split, you knock the lever back into it's detented return position. The Ram will go into reverse.
  • This leaves you free to pick up your next log to be split.
  • When the Ram is fully closed, the built in pressure kick out automatically sends the valve into neutral, and it is ready for you to start the cycle once again.
The built in relief valve protects your hydraulic circuit, and along with the kick out is fully adjustable for pressure. Though this should be left to the experts.

BSP threaded ports. Three mounting holes on valve body.
To ensure flexibility in mounting your valve, there are several lever mounting options.


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